Jelly Shift GamePlay:

Jelly is not only a tasty snack but also a fun game with its elastic structure. You may not allow playing with food in real life but in Jelly Shift, you can. It’s a great puzzle game in which you control a block of jelly and help it go through many different gates successfully. With easy controls, simple mechanics, and fun gameplay, you can’t wait to play until the final level for sure.

At free friv Games, 200 challenging puzzles are waiting for you to explore. As you level up, the difficulty level also increases. The rule is simple. A block of jelly is sliding to the end of a straight road full of different gates. You have to tap or click at the right time to shift it into the different shapes that fit each gate. You may notice that when you reach the middle of the road, it will turn into red.

During the red stage, your jelly block doesn’t need to change its shape anymore because its speed increases allow it to break everything along the way. On http://friv.land, if you don’t shift the jelly in time, you lose and you have to play that current level once again. You should be ready to deal with the moving speed of your jelly.

You will soon discover how challenging it can be. This puzzle game will never let you down. Slide through all obstacles and grab your glory. Enjoy other puzzle games such as Polyshapes and Oddbods Monster Truck Challenge.

How to play: Shift the block of jelly into different shapes by using your mouse.

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