Fun Escape 3D GamePlay:

Fun Escape 3D is about running. However, it’s simple running. It’s more than that. Here at Friv Land, you will participate in a running race consisting of 3 runners in which you have to beat other racers and run as far as possible. The further you run, the higher score you have. You won’t just run and run. So many obstacles are waiting for 3 talented runners. You will deal with different kinds of obstacles with different behaviors.

You don’t know how they work until you face them. You can stop in front of each obstacle to know how they work and find the best way to overcome them. However, if you stop for too long, your opponents will leave you behind. Those obstacles harm you in different ways. It can block you, stop you from moving forward, or push you off the road.

On https://friv.land/, if you are not careful, you can even fall into the water yourself and stop the game at that very moment. It’s hard to manage at the beginning. You hardly go far in some first tries but you will improve so much after several times trying. The first time you play this game, you may feel that it’s boring and simple but once you start the game, you will realize how challenging and enjoyable it is. Because of failure so many times, you will be motivated to start over and continue to conquer the challenges ahead.

Challenging means exciting, do you agree with that statement? Just jump in the running race and transcend your own limits. Have fun and you can find a lot of games to enjoy here such as Rodeo Stampede and Among Us Red Imposter.


Mouse to move.

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