Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter GamePlay:

Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter is a retro space shooter game in which your opponents are viruses instead of chickens or aliens like other choices of the same genre on Friv Land. Interestingly, you won’t defeat these viruses by vaccines. You kill them by using your combat aircraft through a series of the level. As you advance, your mission becomes more challenging as more viruses and dangerous ones appear.

To deal with them, you must develop your weapon and combat aircraft. With each kill, you earn coins and you can use coins to upgrade the shooting speed and firepower. You can also upgrade coin value and daily income to earn more coins. Unlock level 5 and you can get a new type of weapon. Viruses will appear at the top and the screen and when they reach the bottom of the screen, they will re-appear at the top.

At https://friv.land/, it’s hard to complete each level because you alone fight against hordes of viruses. Besides, not every kind of virus will die after one shot. You may have to shoot several times to kill a certain one. Don’t worry, during the combat, you can collect some power-ups but their effect just last for a few seconds. So make sure you take advantage of that time to kill viruses. This game is not only great at graphics but also gameplay. You will find a lot of cool features as you play this game.

It’s a great choice to release stress and it will keep you hooked for hours for sure. Among a huge variety of games on our site, this is one of the best options worth trying besides some games such as Claw Crane and Critical Strike Zero.

How to play:

Control your combat aircraft by using your mouse.

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