Space Attack GamePlay:

Welcome you to Space Attack of Friv.land. You become a fearless pilot driving a spaceship. You are a soldier too. The mission is to fight against evil enemy’s air force. Fly in the sky and maintain the life. Nerve yourself! Space Attack game is a place to practice shooting and aiming. Enjoy in friv best.


You enlist the military in Space Attack free game. Particularly, you serve in military aviation. The twelve constellations have been invaded recently. You have to defeat rivals and take them back. The planets and asteroids are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Athena, Balance, and Neptune on friv best games. You rescue planets one by one.


In the attribute category, you can take new weapons or powers. We have a shield, wingman, attack, missile, and life bonus. However, you must have enough blue diamonds to afford them. To buy a shield, you use 100 diamonds at friv best player games while you spend 200 diamonds to purchase a wingman function. To have missiles, you use 100 diamonds. 


Make opponents blow up to get scores. You meet diamonds on the way. Move to take them. The number of your diamonds and points are on the screen. A life bar shows your status. When you are shot, the blue color decreases. If the bar runs out of blue color, you lose your life. Replay to continue to combat in friv best online games.


The battleground is packed a lot of enemies. They drive many types of plane. Planes’ size and design are diversified. They move in various directions. They fly to you one by one, in rows or in groups. Some don’t shoot you while others shoot bullets and rockets at you. Avoid attack waves and shoot them. 


Name planets you have saved. If you are interested in this game, give it 5 stars. Talk about it to playmates and family. Make some remarks on this shooting game. Come to blows in Airwings Missile Attack, TU 46, and Dogfight 2 of http://friv.land/.



  • Use the mouse to control the ship.
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