Claw Crane GamePlay:

Claw Crane is a fun game that reminds you of the Claw Crane that you may have tried in the entertaining centers. You don’t have to use a coin and control a claw to pick up a teddy bear with hope. At Friv Land, just play whatever you want without any fee. Picking up all required aliens in each level is your main objective. You have to do it within a certain amount of time.

To be clear, before the time runs out, you have to fulfill 2 requirements: pick up all target aliens and reach the needed points to finish the current level and move to the next one. You can control the movement direction of the claw. Try your best to position it right on the top of each alien to pick it up. The game offers 3 types of aliens. Each of them has different points. Target alien gives you 5 points, dropped/bonus alien gives you 2 points, and normal alien gives you 1 point.

On https://friv.land/, it’s hard to succeed just like in real life, you rarely pick up one teddy bear on your first try. However, you have a variety of power-ups to improve your pick-ratio such as freeze, extra time, combo points, and so on. Make use of them to get better performance. This game has a simple gameplay but it’s hard to master. One useful tip that you should apply is that you drop the claw when its shadow coincides with the alien shadow. By doing that, you have more than 90% success.

Enjoy and after this game, make sure you discover other options or bookmark to play in your free time. Some of the best choices are Critical Strike Zero and Deadswitch 3.

How to play:

Use mouse to play.

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