Game Of Thrones Hairstyles GamePlay:

Daenerys from Game Of Thrones has arrived Game Of Thrones Hairstyles - an amazing girls game at friv play. Meet this beautiful queen in the different looks of other characters in this hit drama television series. Daenerys is the mother of dragons and she is famous for her beauty with long silver hair. Your job in this great game is to clean her hair and change her hairstyle. First of all, you wash her hair.

Follow the same steps that you wash your hair. Wet her hair with water, get some shampoo, distribute the shampoo evenly, Gentle Massage and rinse with clean water. After that, you apply conditioner to make her hair smoother. Then, rinse thoroughly. After that, you use a soft towel to extract water from her hair and dry her hair even more with a dryer. Next, you comb her hair and it’s time to choose a suitable hairstyle.

Choose from Daenerys’s Inside-Out Braid, Daenerys’s Hair Up Braided Hairstyle, Daenerys’s Double Braid, Sansa’s Wedding Hair and Margaery’s Wedding Hair. All of them looks gorgeous and delicate on http://friv.land. You follow the instructions in the game to do this chosen hairstyle.

You even can dye her hair with many choices of color or keep her original color. The game doesn’t end here because you also need to pick out a stunning crown and an outfit for her. Make her more stand out with your sense of fashion. Discover more games for free on our site such as Romantic Wedding Proposal To Elsa and Snowman Swimming Pool.

Instructions: Use your mouse to turn Daenerys into a stunning queen.

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