Gary World GamePlay:

Gary World is a fun adventure game that brings you back to the old days of Super Mario. Yes, this game has the same gameplay as Super Mario. You have to finish 9 levels and defeat a boss in level 10 to save your princess. Here at friv Games to play, you can find so many familiar features if you have played Super Mario before. At the first level, you have 3 hearts to start with. With hearts, you can respawn when you die.

Without any hearts, you have to start from the beginning. You can earn more hearts by breaking the blocks during the adventure. At each level, you have to reach the exit to reach the next milestone in your journey. You have to stay away from enemies. Make sure you keep that in your mind. When you touch any of them, you die.

When you see any blocks with a question mark on them, try to break them to collect something special such as the green potion protects you from all dangers, the blue potion increases your body sizes, hearts so so on. On https://friv.land/, their effect lasts a limited time but by making use of them, you can advance safely in your adventure. It’s not easy to finish a level. Just one second of carelessness and one wrong action, you lose your life in regret.

Don’t forget to collect coins to buy useful items before you start your adventure like hearts, bullets, potions. Yes, you can’t defeat enemies with your bare hands but you can kill them by shooting bullets. Play carefully and smartly to win. Have fun in other choices of games such as Spiderman T-Rex Runner and Tappy Dumont - Aeroplane

How to play: Arrow keys to move, Space to shoot.

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