Spiderman T-Rex Runner GamePlay:

The combination of Spiderman and T-Rex creates a fun game with a simple concept and control mechanism named Spiderman T-Rex Runner. Along with other choices, you can play this game for free on friv Games for school. So what you are going to do here? Does spiderman shoot out nets? Does T-Rex make a mess? What do you expect?

Spiderman will ride T-Rex and run like no tomorrow. Yes, this is an endless runner game inspired by T-Rex Runner – a game that you can play when you have no internet connection. The difference is that you not only have T-Rex but also Spiderman here. Your characters will automatically run forward and you have to tap or click to make them jump over the obstacles along the way. That’s it. It sounds as simple and easy as cake, doesn’t it? However, to get a high score, you may have to practice for a while.

At https://friv.land/, timing is the deciding factor. Taking action too soon or too late and you will ruin everything. You have to tap or click at the right time to help Spiderman and T-Rex pass every single obstacle. Just one stumble, you have to start your running adventure from the beginning. This game doesn’t offer coins or special items. You don’t have to collect anything while running. This makes you stay focus on your mission. Then, make sure you jump over the obstacles without any mistake. Over time, the running speed will increase. As a result, you will find it much harder to reach your goal.

However, playing game is to enjoy the process and you will have a great gaming experience here and in other options such as Tappy Dumont - Aeroplane and Save Power Rangers From Ocean Zombies - Pin Pull.

Instructions: Tap or click to jump.