Tappy Dumont - Aeroplane GamePlay:

Tappy Dumont – Aeroplane is a tapping game that has the same gameplay as Flappy Bird. It’s about the traveling journey of Santous Dumont. He wants to travel around the world by himself. Of course, he finds it hard to make this journey successful when he is alone. Then, here at frivGames 2021, you have a mission to complete. You have to help him stay safe and sound.

In this game, you control the airplane to go through several tree trunks. The setup of this game is the same as with Flappy Bird. It just differs from the theme. You have to tap or click on the screen to keep the airplane in the air. If you release or hand or do nothing, the airplane will drop right away. The number of points you get depends on how long you survive instead of how many tree trunks you pass.

On https://friv.land/, the key point to victory is timing. The moment that you take action decides whether you can keep going or not. If you tap too many, your airplane easily hits the tree trunks at the top. If you don’t tap, your airplane will drop and hit the tree trunks at the bottom. So timing your action to safely pass each trunk of tree and fly as far as possible. When you crash into a tree trunk or drop, you can’t keep going. Instead, you start from the beginning once again.

The next time you play, manage to beat the record that you set previously. Be careful, this game can make you mad. Enjoy your time here and in other amazing games such as Save Power Rangers From Ocean Zombies - Pin Pull and Police Escape.

Instructions: Tap or click to fly.

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