GatoSlice GamePlay:

Pizza is one of the most favorite food of many people around the world. How many types of pizza have you ever tried? What about have a tour of discovering pizza world? But, first, you should slice it and share it with other people. GatoSlice is a fun-addicting puzzle game in which you have to share food with 6 empty plates. Yes, imagine that you are the owner of a pizza shop.

Here at friv free online, your customer will order and you have to place every order on one of the 6 empty plates. The food in pizza shape is different. 6 empty plates are divided into 8 spots. As the food arrives in the center plate, you must shift the pieces to 6 other plates to avoid pile-ups and fill up all 8 spots of the plate to complete the order. This looks like a jigsaw puzzle where you have to place different pieces of the food in a similar shape on http://friv.land/.

You can not place food on already used spots, so to beat the level, you must stay focused and pay attention to choose the right spot to place the food. If a plate is finished, you will move to the next level and get the next order. Remember that you shouldn’t place your food randomly without thinking because you will have no empty slot to continue your mission. At that moment, you lose. Let’s see how many levels can you pass until the game is over.

Test your sorting skills as well as train your brain in this interesting game. If you want to add more games to your favorite list, you should try these following options: BoxKid and Happy Glass.

Instructions: Use your left mouse to place food to the empty plate.

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