Forest Jump GamePlay:

How would you enjoy games in which you must contribute to making a character clamber across the screen? Also seem to be you ready to play the galaxy's best jump game? FOREST JUMP is a family-friendly game! ... Only highly suggested for... all kinds of participants

A relatively small character is at the bottom of the screen, actively trying to climb to the top of the forest to take part his mummy. On each level at Friv unblocked games online, the objective is to arrive at the top of the forest. You must clamber from platform to platform without falling to the ground (the platforms are represented by leaves). You can collect rewards and bonuses such as shields, springs, rockets, and other items... You must avoid or, effectively yet, kill monsters. To improve your score, endeavor to accumulate as many stars as possible.

This same game's first levels do seem to be extremely simple. As you progress through into the levels, they are becoming increasingly difficult... The difficulty helps increase with each level: the displacement and traps to reach the top become more difficult. Your abilities will be started testing throughout the day. Are you prepared to embark on an incredible challenge in the galaxy's another very absolutely incredible forest?

Spend your time playing and check other choices of games on our site such as Cake Link. Once you play, you keep hooked for sure. 



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