Boxkid GamePlay:

Make your brain work a little bit in the fun and enjoyable way. Welcome to Boxkid - the pushing box world. Look so easy but actually hard to master, it’s one of the most awesome games at friv free game which helps you boost your brain as well as brings a great gaming experience for you. Relax and try to solve all exciting puzzles. Your objective is to help the little boy push all the boxes to the marked positions.

The game sets in different rooms with different structures. You must observe the setting of the closed room in each level to find the best way to put all the boxes in the right positions. The level with only one box is easy to deal but the one with more than 2 boxes is hard to conquer because when you push a box to its position, it may block the path to push other boxes. The mind-bending point here is to make a clear path for all boxes to move. The game has no limited time or limited moves, so you are free to do whatever you want, just make sure to put all the boxes in the right places.

Like other games, as you level up, the difficulty increases significantly, from easy to tricky. This makes sure your brain works hard. Both horn your problem-solving skills and have fun, why don’t you take the challenges right away? On http://friv.land/, this is not only one awesome puzzle that you can find because there are tons of choices here. If you want some, let’s check out Lego City: Prison Island and Happy Glass.

How to play: Use arrow keys to push the box.

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