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Giddy Fruit is the hottest game on the market right now! Tap as many times as you can to match the crazy fruits! Memory Test: Giddy Fruit Game at Frivland is a new combination of speed, memory, and skill! You want to know how good your memory is! So put your memory to the test in this game!

Discover a devilish new combination of memory and reflexes! How long can you keep up with these outlandish fruits? Is it the same as the last one? It appears to be very simple, but only for a short time! Time gets shorter and shorter, and the tension builds higher and higher for a fast and fun experience! How many of these adorable fruits can you eat before you go insane? Show off your high score to your friends and challenge them to do better! Prepare for the most difficult challenge that will surely beat your brain to a pulp in this addictive game!


- Memory Test!

- Adorable graphics!

- Smooth Gameplay!

- No Load Times! So the question is, how long can you keep up with these bizarre fruits?

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