Tienk.io GamePlay:

If you have played Diep.io, then Tienk.io is the 3D version of that popular title and you can play both games for free at friv Games play. Your ultimate goal is to shoot down all enemies to become the last tank to survive. In the 3D world, you move around to find your targets, then shoot at them to kill them. By destroying different shapes and defeating other players, you earn points and get upgraded. It means the more shapes you destroy and the more enemies you kill, the better you become. You have only a certain number of health points.

In the beginning, it’s hard to control your tank because you are in the 3D world. You will probably lose your way and can’t shoot at the target. If you aren’t surrounded by enemies, move slowly toward the shapes and destroy them to gain XP to upgrade. If you are surrounded by several enemies at once, especially the ones who have a higher level than you, run away to dodge their attack and keep your life safe. At first, you should focus on destroying shapes instead of enemies.

Here at https://friv.land/, you can see your rank in the leaderboard on the upper right of the screen. Look at the leaderboards to see your power level compared to other players. Now, only Single-player mode is available. Other modes such as Global mode, Multiplayer mode, and new tanks will be added; therefore, keep visiting our site and playing this game to enjoy the updates.

Remember that the higher level of your enemies, the harder to destroy them. That’s why you should clear as many shapes as possible to level up and deal with stronger ones. Enjoy it and have fun with other cool games such as One Hit Ko and Matchcandy.io

How to play: Arrow keys and mouse.

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