Stickman Bros In Fruit Island 3 GamePlay:

Adventures are always fun and exciting, aren’t they? That’s why here at best friv Games, you can find so many adventure games and new additions are coming soon. The latest option you should check out is named Stickman Bros In Fruit Island 3. This game offers 3 modes including 1 player, 2 players, and 3 players. It means you can play alone or adventure with one or two friends on the same device. You also can control 2 or 3 characters one by one. Your adventure includes 24 stages and is about collecting fruits.

To clear a level, you have to collect every single fruit on the map without leaving any behind. As long as all fruits have been collected at the current level, the next stage will be unlocked. Collecting fruit is easy if there is no obstacle. Unfortunately, tons of dangers are waiting for you and the stickman brothers. You have to jump over the traps, wait for the spikes to disappear, press the button to unlock the door, and so on to keep moving forwards.

Like other adventure games out there and all options at https://friv.land/, the challenging level increases as you advance. Fruits become harder to be collected later on. You have to be careful in every move you make. Otherwise, you are dead. Luckily, in 2 players and 3 players mode, even though only one character survives and collects all the fruits, the level is cleared. It means you don’t have to restart the level when one of two characters or two of three characters die.

Pick up all strawberries and apples in 24 levels and enjoy your time here. After that don’t leave our site. Instead, keep adventuring in other exciting games such as Steal This Election and Impostor Station.

Controls: Player 1 uses WAD, player 2 uses arrow keys and player 3 uses JIL.