Gift Express GamePlay:

Santa Claus is always busy on Christmas. His toy factory works at full capacity to create beautiful toys for children all over the world. At the moment, Christmas toys are ready to be delivered to kids. Start working at Gift Express with Santa now. Each level of this friv game 2023 requires you to deliver the right number of gifts to the final destination. Santa and you won’t ride a sleigh. Instead, he drives a train.

When the carriages were filled with gifts, you and Santa can start the train. Move ahead but keep in mind that you should drive the train carefully. Don’t drop the gifts. A level is clear only when you take the right number of Christmas gifts to the finish line. Otherwise, you have to restart that level. There is no limited time; therefore, don’t rush. Move slowly forward to make sure that at least the gifts are safe.

There are 30 gifts in total and the challenging level increases lightly from level 1 to level 30. Here at https://friv.land/, this game features different trains and environments for you to unlock. To unlock them, you need to collect snowflakes while delivering Christmas gifts. You can go up and go down the snowy hills in the daytime or nighttime. Only speed up when you go up the hill and make sure you slow down when you go down the hill.

That is the key to clearing each level of this fun game. It’s fun to accompany Santa Claus on Christmas and make the children’s wishes come true. Maybe on that train, there is a gift for you. Who knows? If you want to play other games as exciting as this one, here on our site, you can find a lot of time. Start seeking your favorite games now or check out the following options: Helle Bot 2 and Christmas Memichan.

Instructions: Mouse or left and right arrow keys.