Sweet Runner GamePlay:

Sweet Runner is another casual game at https://friv.land/ where you meet a Gingerman collecting star. Your ultimate goal is to pick up as many stars as you can. A star is one point. It sounds simple and easy but no, it doesn’t. It’s just easy in the first few seconds. After that, it becomes challenging to collect stars because your enemies appear and chase you. Not only one enemy but several of them wants to stop you from picking up stars.

Once you get caught, you have to restart the game. There is no second chance for you to keep playing once you touch an enemy. An enemy appears at a time and they can come from anywhere. That’s why you have to keep an eye on the surrounding while approaching the star. Time is unlimited; therefore, don’t rush. Take your time to dodge enemies first, then pick up the star when you have a chance. You can deal with one, even two enemies but it’s not easy to collect stars while having more than 2 enemies chase you behind.

Let’s see how many scores can you earn in this challenging friv com school game. It has a simple gameplay but it doesn’t mean it’s easy to master. To make the game more enjoyable, you can compete against your friends to find out the one who gets a higher score. It’s all about this game. Check it out if you like this genre

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Instructions: Arrow keys.

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