Burrito Bison Revenge GamePlay:

Smash and hit your way through the town to defeat the gummies who stole your wallet in the latest platform game at friv free Games online named Burrito Bison Revenge. This is an epic battle of a bison and hordes of gummies. Launch the bison up in the air with full force and slam to smash as many gummies running away as you can. Teach these evil gummy bears a lesson so they won't dare touch your property again. That’s the gameplay of this game.

Do you see a meter clock at the top of the screen? When the meter hits the center of that clock which means the while area, you tap or click to launch the bison with full force and smash everything in sight. While the bison is flying and about to land, you can activate the rocket slam ability to smash gummies passing beneath you. The more powerful the launch, the further the bison flies. Time your action to gain momentum and send the bison far away.

The more you play, the better you determine the time to fire the bison and the more gummies smashed, the more coins you earn. Here at https://friv.land/, you can use coins to buy some items including elastic cables, slippery lotion, bounciness, rocket slam, police control, bodybuilding, pickpocket, speedometer, and pants on fire. These items help your bison fly further and smash more gummies.

Remember that launching the bison at the right time is everything to have a great performance here. Be well-prepared and launch! Bison is ready to trample everything on his way. Experience more games on our site such as Anja and Home Pipe Water.

Controls: Tap, click, or Space.

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