Santa Rescue GamePlay:

What will you do this Christmas? Hang out with friends, gather with your family, or hold a party? What about playing game? Here at frivcom 2021, we have so many games for you to enjoy on daily basis and even on holiday like Christmas and Santa Rescue is one of them. Yes, it’s a pin-pulling puzzle game in which your mission is to rescue Santa and bring presents back to him. Someone evil took all of Santa's presents and hid them.

Santa Claus is locked in a room and gifts are stored in another room, some rooms have something dangerous inside and these rooms are separated by pins. You have to observe every room to make the right decision on which pin will be pulled first. In some first level, you find it too easy to complete that mission because there is no obstacle at all. However, as you move on, you will need more time to solve the puzzle.

Like any options that have the same gameplay at https://friv.land/, to reach your goal, the right pins need to be pulled in the right order. If you make a wrong decision, it can lead to something bad such as Santa Claus will be hurt or gifts will be broken. However, it’s ok to fail. When you fail, you can restart that level several times until the mission is clear. This is a puzzle game without hints.

You have to solve the puzzle by yourself. Think of interactions, such as the interaction between water and lava to overcome challenges and reach your ultimate goal. Enjoy it and let’s have a look at other enjoyable games such as DonutCats and Wall Between US.

Controls: Mouse to touch to pull the pin.

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