Floppy Fish GamePlay:

Floppy Fish is a Flappy Bird–inspired game that will make you stressed or help you relax. Your main mission is to keep a little fish survive as the way you keep the little bird stay alive in Flappy Bird. You can play both games along with many choices for free at Friv games. The gameplay of both games is the same. It is no different without the bird will fall and the fish will float. It’s truly a challenge because you have to time your action to save the fish’s life.

When you release your hands, the fish will float and when it floats, the game ends. You have to keep the fish as level as possible. Manage to get the fish to swim through the pipes without touching them. Since the fish is always coming up, the trick is to time your taps or clicks so that the amplitude of those peaks and dips are as short as possible.

It means short enough to fit through the pipes. This is not a game that practice makes perfect. At https://friv.land/, the key is to find out the rhythm after the fish rises or falls to the right height for the pipes. Sometimes, the fish needs to swim down and sometimes the fish needs to swim up. Sometimes, you need to do double-tap or triple-tap or let the fish free to rise.

Go through a pipe and you will get one point. If you can get over 10 points with your first time or second times play, you do a good job. Try your luck and enjoy a happily endless swimming journey here and embark on new adventures in other games such as Flip Jump Race 3D and Punch Kid Knockout.

How to play: Tap or click to play.

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