Golf Bounce GamePlay:

Let’s try Golf Bounce and see if you have played an amazing game about golf like this one before. 30 levels full of fun and challenges will keep you hooked. Play the first level and you can’t wait to unlock the final level for sure. At friv com Games play, Polar bear and Penguin are playing golf in the forest. It will be fun if you join them. They will learn a new way to play golf from them. It doesn’t like what you experience. A polar bear plays as a golfer and Penguin play as the golf ball.

Your role here is to control both of them. You help the Polar bear aim and launch the Penguin to make it Penguin get into the hole. On the way to the hole, Penguin can collect diamonds and coins. However, it can crash into the trees or meet the dangers. You can’t dodge them because you don’t know exactly what waits for you ahead. However, you can apply a useful tip. Just try, launch the Penguin to check the road this time, and truly launch the Penguin to the hole next time.

On https://friv.land/, with diamonds, you can unlock new golf clubs and with coins, you can upgrade some stats of the Penguin including Speed, Launch, Bounce, and Power. It’s important to upgrade because by upgrading, these characters are better. There is rarely a game about playing golf like this one.

Of course, you can enjoy many fun golf games on our site. Those options are also great. Each brings a unique gaming experience. Make sure you discover this type of game and other options such as Super Boxing and Beer Slide.


Use your mouse to aim and hit.

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