Spy Shot Laser Bounce GamePlay:

Shooting games never fail to bring you the best gaming experience. Playing shooting games is an effective way to relieve stress, isn’t it? Let’s put your shooting skills to the best in Spy Shot Laser Bounce at friv the game. You have a serious mission to complete which is to shoot down all bad guys. One battles several guys, are you able to win over them? Don’t worry because you have a powerful laser pistol and you are a skillful gunner. They don't deserve to be your opponents.

So, you have 10 bullets each level and with those bullets, you have to kill a certain number of enemies. If you run out of bullets while more than one enemy still survives, the mission fails. You can shoot at enemies and kill them in two ways. You can directly aim and shoot at them or shoot at the wall and the bullet will bounce off. However, if you want the bullet to bounce off the wall and kill enemies, you have to determine the right angle.

Here at https://friv.land/, sometimes shooting directly at enemies works the best but sometimes, taking advantage of the bouncing bullet is more effective. Depending on the situation, you choose how to destroy the enemy accordingly. Try to defeat the enemy with as few shots as possible. One shot one kill will show your level. As you advance, you may face other obstacles and find it harder to finish your mission.

However, if the challenging level is the same from level 1 to the final level, the game won't be fun anymore, right? Have a great time here and make sure you try out other fun games such as Stickman Slope Game and Red and Blue Stickman Huggy.

Instructions: Mouse to play.

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