Beer Slide GamePlay:

Summer is hot and nothing is better than having a cold beer and enjoy the day. Do you think so? Let’s enter Beer Slide and punch the table to make your glass of beer bounce and jump over other types of drinks. At friv Games online your main objective is to have the longest journey. You embark on an endless beer slide in a nice bar. This is great to chill and have fun. So why don’t you forget about everything that makes you feel down and go free here?

You are sure to have the best moment ever. The rule is simple and straight forward. Each time you click your left mouse, your glass of beer will bounce and you take this action whenever obstacles appear in front of you. It means you have to help your glass of beer survive through a series of obstacles by jumping over them. On http://friv.land/, timing is the key element to succeed.

You have to take action at the right time, not too soon and not too late to make sure your beer overcome the obstacles safely. It depends on your feel. You don’t have anything to rely on. There is also no helpful items. By playing several times, your result will improve and become better. Practise makes perfect, it’s never wrong.

Simple like that but it brings hours of fun for everyone. Remember that the beer glass speeds up and down randomly over time. Pay attention to deal with all challenges. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Prison Escape Plan and Square Bird

Controls: Left click to jump over each obstacle.

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