Grenade Toss GamePlay:

The time that you use a sniper rifle or SMG to kill enemies is over. Using grenades is trending now and Grenade Toss gives you a chance to defeat your enemies completely with grenades. Are you excited? Here at Friv Land, 30 challenging levels await you to conquer. Your enemy won’t attack you. They stand still with an extremely obnoxious attitude to challenge you. Teach them a lesson, so after that, they won’t have a chance to correct their mistake.

By adjusting the strength of the angle of each toss, you throw a grenade at each enemy. You have to kill a specific number of enemies within a given number of grenades. Try to kill an enemy with a grenade because the more grenades you use, the less star you earn after you finish that mission. One toss one kill if you can.

Like other choices of games on https://friv.land/, you handle more challenging missions later on and you have to complete the current mission to unlock the new stages. You just need a least one star to move to the next level. If you aim at the wrong angle and use too much or too little strength, you can’t kill your enemies. A grenade needs a few seconds to blow up. If you use too much strength, the grenade will bounce off your enemy and roll to other places.

As a result, you waste a grenade while your enemy is still safe and sound. If your first try fails, let’s try more and you will find the right angle and strength of that throw. Get ready to deal with all upcoming challenges here and in many fun games such as Frisbee Forever 2 and Happy Halloween.

How to play:

Use your mouse to throw a grenade.

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