Hammer Raytrace 3D GamePlay:

Hammer Raytrace 3D is a great puzzle game about war and peace for all of you who love solving puzzles. Here, rock monsters are approaching the castle. They have come close to the gate and they are trying to destroy the gate. Luckily, you are here with your team to stop them. You own a powerful hammer like Thor and you can kill rock monsters with only one throw. However, you need help from the soldiers holding a shield. In this 2playergames puzzle game, you can’t directly attack enemies.

Instead, you have to make use of the shields that your soldiers are holding. You have to rotate the soldiers to make the hammer bounce off the shields toward the enemy. You can kill one enemy with a throw. You have to create a perfect flying path for the hammer so that it will fly straight to the target. Each level requires you to kill a certain number of rock monsters. You fail if there is any rock monster left. As you level up, it’s harder to set up the soldiers and rock monsters. However, you can do it. With the experience that you gain from playing puzzle games at kids games, nothing can stop you from having a solution for the puzzle.

Observe first, then take action. By doing that, you can plan your moves easily and accurately. Puzzle games are enjoyable to play, aren’t they? Besides the entertaining side, those games bring you a lot of benefits such as improving your memory and IQ, releasing stress, enhancing your problem-solving skills, training your hand-eye coordination, and more. With all those great aspects, if you want to play more games like that, here are our suggestions for you Guard The Island and What a Leg.

How to play: Mouse.

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