Iron Man GamePlay:

What is your favorite hero in the Marvel universe? Iron Man is one of the most beloved heroes out there. Do you agree? Whoever your favorite hero is, here in Iron Man – the latest endless flying game at friv free Games online, you play as Iron Man and your main goal is to fly as high as possible. You can consider it as an endless flying journey.

Like what you have seen in the movies, Iron Man has to face a lot of dangers and enemies and so do you here. You have to fly through tons of obstacles such as bombs, spikes, enemies, and more. You can’t break or destroy those obstacles with any weapons. The only way to stay safe is to dodge them. You move to the left or right to avoid crashing into any obstacles. There is no fight here. The game is all about dodging obstacles and reaching the furthest.

As you have experienced in many endless runner games at https://friv.land/ in which you have only one chance each turn. It means if you hit an obstacle, you lose. However, here you have several chances to keep your flying journey going. It’s ok to crash into obstacles several times. Within the allowable limit, you are still safe, but if you cross that limit, your journey is over. So it’s better to be careful from the beginning.

At first, everything is smooth and you don’t face too many challenges. Over time, more obstacles appear and you fly at a higher speed. Then, it’s much harder to dodge obstacles. Good luck and have a safe adventure. Make sure you have to a look at other fun games such as Rotating Flappy Bird and Tap The Buttons.

Controls: Mouse to play.

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