Blocky Siege GamePlay:

Blocky Siege brings you to the blocky world where you will fight against other online players instead of crafting or building like what you do in Minecraft. Yes, it’s not a peaceful world that you get familiar with. Here at friv Games for boys, it’s a chaotic battlefield. So, because it’s a first-person shooter game, then your main objective is to kill all enemies in each match.

At this moment, this game just supports only one game mode. More game modes may arrive in the future. You can create a room and set up a room as you want or enter an available game to start the battle. The room doesn’t need to be full to start. The host can start the match anytime. Once you appear in the battle, the first thing you have to do is to move around and look for your enemies while watching out because your enemies also do the same thing.

On https://friv.land/, when you see one of them, just aim and shoot right away to kill them first. Try to shoot at their head because a headshot will take their life immediately while the shot at other parts of the body just makes them lose HP. Each match lasts 5 minutes 30 seconds. Each time you die, you will respawn and keep doing your mission until time runs out. The game offers three types of weapons for you to shoot rival players.

Depend on how many rival players you kill, you win or lose the match. Make sure you cover yourself as well. Combine between attacking and defending, then you can win. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to check out other options such as Spider Man Warrior and Naruto Free Fight : Season 2.

Instructions: Move by using arrow keys, aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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