Happy Farm GamePlay:

Happy Farm brings you to a beautiful farm and here, you will meet many lovely animals. Here at friv school Games, your mission is to take care of them. This game gives you a chance to try what a farmer does in a day on this farm. Are you ready to work? On this happy farm, there is a dog, a horse, a cow, a pig, and a chicken. You have something to do with each of them. For example, the horse is hungry. You have to feed it with hay and put horseshoes onto that horse. What about the dog?

Its job is to protect carrot gardens from hungry rabbits. Whenever a rabbit enters the garden, it will chase that rabbit away. This dog loves to play with toys. With successful garden protection, spend some time playing with the dog. The chickens are also hungry. After having delicious food, they will give you eggs. Catch those eggs with your basket. It’s gonna be a busy day for you. You have a lot of work to do.

How can you manage to take care of all of them? Don’t worry. Because this is one of the fun games for kids at https://friv.land/, it doesn’t require you to finish all the work within a given time. Take your time and enjoy the peaceful moment at the farm. They love when you are here and spend your time with them. Each animal brings you a different experience. Five animals with 10 mini-games, what more are you looking for?

Check it out now and enjoy other exciting games on our site such as Fidget spinner: 4 players game and A & B Kids. New additions are coming. Don’t forget that. Enjoy!

How to play: Mouse.

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