Happy Hockey! GamePlay:

Happy Hockey! is a cool hockey-based sports game combine with a puzzle element. When winter comes, hockey is one of the most favorite sports of many people and when summer comes, nothing is better than cool down yourself in the ice, right? And this game is playable in both summer and winter because it's always available for free at friv games 2020. The game features 50 levels and each level includes 5 stages.

It means you have to complete 5 stages of each level to unlock the next level. If you fail in the third stage of a certain level, for example, you have to play again from the first stage of that level. So make sure you take action carefully. In terms of gameplay, it's easy to understand. Your main goal is to make the punk fly straight into the net with your tick. It isn't easy as it seems to be because the ice field is crowded.

Many people come here to play and they block your way. You have to avoid the opposing team, obstacles, goalkeeper, and some wacky things. On http://friv.land/, to clear each stage, you have to aim accurately by making use of the indicator. It helps you aim and send the punk to the net preciously. Timing is also important.

If you take action at the wrong time, your shot is blocked by these obstacles. Wait until the right moment come and quickly hit the punk to the net and score. Easy to play and hard to master, this game will make you hooked. Have a great time and conquer other choices of games such as Adam and Eve GO or Money Movers 1.

Controls: Aim and hit the punk to the net by using your mouse.

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