Hasbulla Running Adventure GamePlay:

Here is another endless runner game that you have probably been waiting for a long time at kids games. Welcome to the world of a social media star named Hasbulla. He is finally here in an exciting and challenging game called Hasbulla Running Adventure. You may ask what is he doing here. Well, he is starving right now and he is chasing tasty burgers but the road is busy. He needs your assistance to help him get as many burgers as possible. You have to jump between 3 lanes of the road to avoid crashing and collect burgers.

It’s an endless runner game but you have a target to reach each level. For example, you have to collect 14 burgers to complete level 1. However, different from other level-based games, you keep running through all levels here. When you clear a level, you keep running and chasing the target of the next level. If you crash into a car on the way, you have to restart the game from the beginning instead of restarting the current level. As you level up, the moving speed of the vehicles increases. You will find it much harder to stay safe. Don’t look at the road because it can make you feel dizzy. It’s better to pay attention to your character.

The key to this game is hand-eye coordination. Your eyes must work well with your hands to save Hasbulla from hitting any vehicles while collecting the most burgers. Don’t worry if you leave some burgers behind. It’s fine and there are tons of burgers waiting for you ahead if you have what it takes to run to the furthest. Have fun and besides this Frivland endless runner game, you can spend your free time on many amazing choices on our site such as Hammer Raytrace 3D and Guard The Island.

Controls: Mouse.

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