Hero Knight Action RPG GamePlay:

Hero Knight Action RPG is a cool 8 and 16-bit pixels action-packed RPG game that gives you a chance to play as a hero. You are trusted by villagers and they need your help to defeat the monsters who have come to the village and destroy everything. Swing your sword and kill these evil creatures once and forever. At play friv, this game brings you to an endless adventure.

It means you have to go as far as possible and keep killing monsters until you can’t. In the beginning, you have a limited amount of HP and MP. However, by killing monsters, you get coins and you can use coins to increase your stats including HP, MP and buy more powerful items such as Silver sword, Iron shield, Iron armor, Ring of luck, Iron helmet and Mystery chest, all help you become stronger to go further and kill more monsters.

On https://friv.land/, apart from purchasing these upgrades, you can collect some along the way by defeating monsters and some special creatures. For example, HP and MP potions restore your health and energy. Use them when the HP and MP bars are under 50%. Upgrade your skills and attributes are important, so make sure you do it whenever you have enough money or have a chance.

Sometimes, when you deal with a unique boss, a firebird like a phoenix will appear and help you. As the game processes, more monsters, orcs, and other creatures appear. As a result, your adventure becomes more challenging but also exciting. Go deeper into the game and discover more hidden features that you haven’t found yet. Enjoy every moment here and in other free games such as Tricky Kick and Catch The Thief 3D 

Instructions: Left click to attack and hold the attack button for 2 seconds to activate Power Slash ability.

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