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Welcome to an exciting and new terrifying adventure game Hexagame .io at play friv games. Do you love this game? Join now to get the coolest things you've never had before. You can discover that the game is free online for your browsers. This is a game of conquering the territory to become the leader of the match. You will have no control but a small round icon indicating the way around on a giant map filled with gray hexagons.

Your goal in this game is to capture the map by drawing a long line and closing on your area. Then all the hexagons inside your void will become yours and it will change to the color you are using. But in this game, a lot of your opponents are also vying for territory on this map. So you need to avoid other players and in this game, you can completely get territory from other players and other players will get the territory where you are.

So be smart. Move your cursor wisely, move your character to the territories you can collect. Agile and catch them! Do you want to be a leading player? There are the most territories in this game? Discover it now! It would be great if you shared this game Hexagame .io at http://friv.land/ for your friends and invited your friends to join the game today for the opportunity to participate in a battle for territorial territory the most ever. Discover some other similar game genres like Shrek.fun and Goosegame .io

Control: Use the mouse to search the territory.

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