Dracula, Frankenstein & Co GamePlay:

Dracula, Frankenstein & Co is a unique shooting game that puts on the bad side instead of the good side like many games at friv free Games. It’s true. This time, you won’t play a good person and defeat the evils to bring peace to the world anymore. You play as Dracula or Frankenstein and other characters that are trouble makers. It’s time to revenge and teach the humans a lesson because they spread so many misunderstanding information about not friendly-looking monsters.

Many villagers are coming to destroy you while you just want to live in peace with them but they still behave like that. Act to match your aggressive appearance, stand up, and eliminate the villagers right now. It’s not easy but you can make it. On http://friv.land/, shoot your way through every wave of villagers, and unlock new levels, deal with new enemies. God also helps you because you can pick many power-ups on the ground.

Take advantage of those items to become more powerful and face more challenges. The villagers become unpredictable as you level up. You will find it harder to kill them because they are not only crowded but also strong. They use all forces to kill you. And you also try your best to defeat them at all costs. You live or they live, it’s all up to you. Monsters are not bad like people always think but if they put you into death, you have to protect yourself. Let’s teach them a lesson. Have a great time here and in other games such as Run Into Death and Wild Animal Hunting

Controls: Use arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot.

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