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Jump Boy Jump is a single-player game at Friv.land. A little boy gets lost in the woods. How can he get out there? Just hop and create jumps. Your heart leaps up while you confront deadly traps. The dark forest contains various perilous things. Get a move on! Jump Boy Jump game of fri co makes you gleeful.


Jump Boy Jump free game is so simple to understand rules, but it’s difficult to win at all. You are a boy going on an adventure in the woods. In the beginning, you are standing on a pile of logs. Tap the screen to begin the trip. You can walk and jump. You can’t run or speed up. You walk on the log; however, piles are not put close in fri co games. There is a distance between 2 piles. Distances are different, so you make jumps smartly. The height of piles is not the same too. 


If you tap many times in a row, the boy can jump higher. You get coins and scores while playing. Coins are hovering. Walk through or jump on to take them. A number of coins on the way are different. You walk on a log and take 2 coins while you step on another log and have 3 coins. You will confront many dangerous obstructions on www fri co games. They are spike boards. You die immediately when you touch them. Wooden boxes and barrels stop you. Jump over them to go on.


If you fall down or bump into spikes, your only one life will be taken away. You respawn automatically. Your existing score is always on the display. If you lose the game, you see the best score and existing score. The farther you do, the more points you get. Make good jumps and have fun.


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  • Use the mouse or tap the screen.
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