Highway Robbers GamePlay:

Highway Robbers puts you in an intense challenge in which you have to make use of your driving skills to keep you safe from everything, especially the police. You are a robber and you are being chased by the police. Get on your car and go through other cars and barriers on the highway to escape. At friv play Games, 15 levels test you with 15 missions. In each mission, you have to reach the finish line without being caught by the police and crashing into other cars.

Each level requires you to complete a unique mission but your main goal is still to come to the finish line safely. You just need to switch the lanes flexibly to avoid crashing into the cars, otherwise, your car will be blown up because of an accident. The car auto moves. You can’t control the moving speed. So you need to take action at the right time to change the lanes if you don’t want to crash into other cars on the highway because you can’t brake.

On http://friv.land/, don’t forget to collect coins and then you can use coins to unlock new cars. This game has amazing gameplay, attractive but easy enough for everyone to play. Besides its cartoon graphics are great. Don’t let its beauty fool you. Every mission here is challenging and hard to master. Be focused and react quickly with all the situations that you deal with. Apart from this game, you also have other amazing choices on our site. Some of them are Ghost Wiper and Defense Battle.

Controls: Use right and left arrow to drive.

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