Stickman vs Poppy Army GamePlay:

Stickman vs Poppy Army is a great combination of the shooter game and tower defense game in which the stickman’s base is under the attack of the Poppy army. Here at https://friv.land/, it seems that the stickman army is about to fail. They need your help so badly. Give them your hand to protect their base. It’s pretty like other tower defense games that you have played. You have different battle armies. However, at first, you just have Pistol and Stick soldier.

Each level gives you a certain number of coins to buy one or two soldiers. By killing monsters, you earn more coins and use coins to strengthen your army, so that you can deal with more powerful enemies. When you have enough coins, you just need to drag the soldier that you want to have into an available slot on the field and that soldier will auto-shoot at enemies.

Later on, new soldiers will be unlocked, and finally, you will have Pistol, Stick, Gun, Rifle, and Sniper. Of course, the later soldiers are more costly than the previous ones but they are more powerful. You need them to deal with new monsters on the latter level. In this Frivcom game, besides coins that you collect from defeating enemies, you also get diamonds. Diamonds are not used to summon soldiers but used to upgrade your soldiers.

Besides placing soldiers in a strategic position to effectively destroy the enemy, upgrading troops also plays a very important role because like almost level-based games out there, as you process, it’s much harder to clear your mission. Upgrades help you kill enemies much easier. Good luck and conquer all levels before you start new games such as Huggy Wuggy vs Zombies and Lord of the Knights

Instructions: Mouse.