Ghost Wiper GamePlay:

It sounds weird but you and your teammate together run a unique organization offering ghost killing service. Do you believe that ghosts exist? Yes, they are. The old mansion in Ghost Wiper was disturbed by many ghosts. The owner calls you and wants you to save his house from being haunted. Let’s get it done. At friv 4 game, this game is for 2 players but you can control 2 characters at the same time.

Each character has their own abilities so they must come along with each other. Only one character can’t finish the mission. The character who wears glasses will shoot the ghost and the one without glasses will catch the ghost with the special trap. They must collaborate. Ghosts are not the only thread here. Many dangerous enemies and traps wait for your team. Avoid them if you don’t want to lose your life.

Each character on http://friv.land/ has 3 lives while so many dangers are available. How can your team clean up 12 rooms in this mansion? This is a hard to answer the question that you have to find the answer with your teammate. Team up and nothing can stop you from finishing this mission.

Complete missions and improve the organization's reputation. More customers will come to you. Have a great hunt journey and enjoy more interesting games such as Defense Battle and Hello Cats 

Instructions: Player 1 uses AD to move, F to shoot, W to jump, S to hide. Player 2 uses right/left arrow to move, up arrow to jump, down arrow to hide, L to throw trap, K to throw/pickup box.

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