Hitman Rush GamePlay:

Hitman Rush is an action-packed shooting game that keeps you hooked right in the first moments. You play as Hitman who is on a mission. You will face many enemies by yourself. How can one person defeat several people? At Friv Land, it’s possible if you take action fast and accurately enough. Aimed with a gun, you autorun forward and try to kill as many enemies as you can through the rooftop. You don’t have time to aim and shoot accurately because you’re running while shooting. If you pass any enemies, it’s ok. You won’t get damage.

Your enemies are equipped with modern, heavy weapons. You can jump up to dodge but it’s not easy, of course, especially when many of them shoot you at the same time. The strategy here is to combine defense and attack. This game is about the shooting but your main objective is to run as far as possible. You have a limited HP. Get shot and some HP is gone.

On https://friv.land/, there are no power-ups or medkit to recover your HP and something like that. With HP you have, you manage to survive. You are Hitman, not Missman, so try to lock your targets and shoot them down. With each killed, you earn coins and use coins to unlock new characters in the store. These characters have no special skills but it’s worth unlocking them because they make the game refresh and your gaming experience more engaging.

Such a great game to play in your free time. Besides, many other games deserve to check out. If you ask for those game names, here they are Merge Dungeon and Tower Defense Super Heroes.


Left mouse to shoot

W to jump

S to slide

Spacebar to use slow-motion.

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