Impossible Box Rush GamePlay:

Impossible Box Rush is an amazing puzzle game that you can play for free along with tons of awesome games at https://friv.land/. Here, a box is having trouble finding its way home. Then, your main objective is to lead a box to the endpoint. The box will have to go through a lot of obstacles before it arrives home. How can you help it be safe from those deadly traps? Watch out for your action. Time your action to reach your goal.

Jump to the left, jump to the right, jump up and jump down to avoid obstacles. Don’t forget to pick up all 3 stars. Of course, you don’t have to collect them all but try to pick up at least one. However, the task is not just that simple. Each level requires you to clear the mission within 30 seconds. You fail because of 2 reasons.

Firstly, the box crashes into one of the obstacles. Secondly, time runs out, and the box hasn’t reached the endpoint yet. In thisfriv games, you not only have to take action quickly but also accurately. Otherwise, you have to restart the level that you fail to unlock the new one. There are 30 levels in total and the challenging level will increase slightly as you advance.

The way back home will be farther and more dangerous while the amount of time that you have to clear the mission is the same. You can’t guess what is waiting for you ahead. So, be well-prepared for upcoming challenges. Good luck. After clearing 30 levels, make sure you check out other fun games such as Pet Trainer Duel and Kitty Love Story. More games are coming. Stay tuned to explore them.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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