Pet Trainer Duel GamePlay:

Pet Trainer Duel is one of the latest games at https://friv.land/ that you don’t want to miss. It’s simple yet exciting. Here, you play as a famous pet trainer and your job is to take care of the pets’ health. These days, so many cat owners come to you because their cats are overweight and that affects their health. The cat owners are worried, so they need your help. Your main objective is to help those obese cats lose weight and become healthier.

The most effective way to lose weight is to exercise and diet. Let’s make the fat cats move to lose weight. So, the cat will auto-move forward. You have to lead them to move to the exercise tools and let them drink a lot of water. When their weight becomes normal or thin, and they go to the finish line, the mission is clear and you keep taking care of the next obese cat.

In this friv land, the most important thing is not to let them eat fish. If the cat eats fish and avoids all exercise areas and tools, they gain weight and can’t move to the finish line. Do you know what? There is a competition for pet trainers. Join it with your friend in the 2-player mode and let’s see who will be the best pet trainer.

Compete against your friend to find out who is better at helping the cat keep fit. When you start that mode, the screen will split into 2 parts and you can see what your friend is doing. It sounds fun, doesn’t it? Check it out now and stay tuned for something new coming. Now, here are some options that you shouldn’t miss Celebrity Sundance Film Festival and Kitty Love Story.

Controls: AD and left/right arrow keys.

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