Jeka Dash GamePlay:

What type of game are you looking for? What about something easy to play but hard to master? Jeka Dash is such a game that Friv clicker games want to introduce to you. Here, you control a gear to roll ahead and jump over the spikes. Everywhere is spikes. Your main objective is to take a champion cup at each level. To reach the champion cup, you have to go through a series of spikes.

Once the gear hits one of those spikes, it will explode. The gear rolls forward automatically and you make it jump whenever you want to pass the spikes. Jumping at the right time is the key because you can not make the gear speed up or slow down. If it jumps at the wrong moment, there is a high chance that it will fall on the spikes. So make sure you stay focused and take action at the right time to finish each level without having to try many times.

However, as you level up, the mission becomes more challenging like many games out there and at https://friv.land/. This also means you find it hard to finish each mission on the first try. This challenging game has 3 worlds and each world consists of 5 levels. You have to finish the current level to unlock the new one. Remember that accuracy is everything.

You may have tried several options like this one and if you like the games that have the same gameplay, you shouldn’t miss this option. Try to complete each level with as few attempts as possible. Enjoy more fun games such as Color Cross 2 and Squid Pop it.

How to play: Tap or space to jump.

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