Jump Box Ninja GamePlay:

Jump Box Ninja is a fun reaction game that can make you mad or give you great gaming time. When it comes to ninjas, what do you think of them? Ninjas are known for their quick reflexes, aren’t they? In Jump Box Ninja at Friv games 2021, you have to show your skills as an experienced ninja. The story is about a box and this box wants to become a ninja. To reach that goal, this box has to go through many obstacles and you’re here to help it. Climbing as high as possible is your main objective. You don’t have to have too many ninja skills to reach that goal.

All you need to do is to click or tap on the screen to make the box jump up. However, you have to time your action to avoid hitting the above traps and obstacles. If you touch these traps, the box is exploded and it means you have to start from the beginning. This game offers only endless mode, then you play until you die. On https://friv.land/, obstacles and traps vary in behavior. They are moving and it makes it hard to dodge those deadly traps. Besides, you can only make the box jump up. You can’t stop it or make it move to the left or right. You earn points with each obstacle that you pass.

Try your best to set a record then break it in the next time. If you want to change the look of the box, let’s collect diamonds along the way to unlock 9 different skins in the shop. Have a safe journey and take a look at other choices of games such as Tap Clapp and Magi Dogi.

How to play:

Click or tap.

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