The Last Ninja GamePlay:

Are you ready to play The Last Ninja? It is a great action game in Friv.land. You will possess invaluable fighting skills. Go to war and show your courageousness. You will be on cloud nine when playing The Last Ninja game of frive games. Grab the concealed weapons and do battle. Create fond memories.  
The Last Ninja is a one-player game played free on our website. You are a shinobi fighting against opponents. They always try to end your life. Be careful! You will combat in a bamboo forest. You and your rivals stand stone column to attack each other. You throw concealed weapons called shurikens to kill the opponents at frive games for free. Choose the right direction to throw shurikens at enemies exactly. Use shooting force cleverly.
You should attempt to murder opponents before they kill you. Be quick! Ninjas will die immediately by a headshot. If you are injured in other body parts more 2 times, you also lose your life. Firstly, you just compete against one enemy. If you kill him, you will jump on another column. After your first success, more assassins will appear on frive online games. Be strong! Decimate all of them. More brutal attack waves come up. We believe that you can defeat them. If you die, you can replay at once.          
 Our shop sells cool weapons and pieces of equipment such as headbands, shurikens, and power-ups. If you have 1000 coins, you can buy a shield to protect yourself from attacks. To increase your health, you can use 300 coins to buy a green headband.
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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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