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You have a spring in your step with Pocket Jump of Friv.land. You become a tiny cube. What will you do? You make good high jumps to rise up. Pencils will lift you up. Pencils are both tools to help you finish the mission and weapons which may take your life away. Pocket Jump game finds favor with players at fr iv.


Pocket Jump free game is easy to understand but it isn’t simple to win. You are a small blue block going on an adventure. You get lost in the world of pencils. You need to jump and jump to conquer the game and escape from that world. Why do you have to do that on fr iv games? If you don’t do anything, you just stay in one place forever.


In the beginning, you stand on the ground. Pencils are black. They are launched from two sides of the board. They can appear from the left or right. You control the block in such way that it jumps on pencils. You jump on the first pencil then you stand on the first pencil to jump on the second pencil. You get higher and higher. The goal is getting the highest position in fr iv player games.


However, many dangerous challenges are waiting for you. You must choose the right time to make a jump. You touch the head of the pencil or its any part, you will lose you only life. You die immediately and have to replay to continue the game. The higher you get, the more points you have.  Jump high to gain scores. You should jump continuously. When you miss a chance, you cannot go on the journey. Collect blue diamonds on the way.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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