Among Rescue Impostor Pull The Pin GamePlay:

Another puzzle game with pull-the-pin gameplay just arrives at Friv games. Why don’t you show off your problem-solving skills once again in this fun game? It’s called Among Rescue Impostor Pull The Pin. The name says something about this game already. What you have to do here is to save the red crewmate from the evil blue imposter in the spaceship. That is your first mission. Your second one is to bring gems to the crewmate.

The challenging puzzles need the greatest brain to handle. Like other options of the same genre, you have to pull the pins in the right order to finish 2 missions. Just one wrong move and you send him to the death. Let’s think about what will happen when you pull a certain pin. If it makes the hot lava flow to the crewmate’s room or if it makes gems drop to the crewmate’s room.

On https://friv.land/, some puzzles look easy but they aren’t easy at all, especially the ones that have so many pins and obstacles. You have to find a way to eliminate the impostor or cool the lava down so that your crewmate can free to go around and take all the gems. Use water to cool down the lava and use lava to kill the impostor just by removing the right pin. If the crewmate dies, you can play that level again.

Sometimes, you just need 1 second to solve a puzzle but sometimes you need so much time to deal with a puzzle. The hero is safe thanks to your brain. Enjoy it and play more games in your free time Impostor Rescue and Two Ball 3D Dark are 2 suggestions for you.

Instructions: Remove the pin by using your left mouse.

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