Pull My Tongue GamePlay:

Pull My Tongue is a fun and challenging puzzle game about Greg – a hungry chameleon who is craving popcorn right now. You can guess what your mission is in this awesome Friv online games, can’t you? It’s to help Greg get popcorn to fill his belly. Greg has an extensible tongue, then you can pull his tongue as long as you can as soon as our chameleon gets the popcorn.

There are 5 worlds to explore and each world consists of several levels. You have to get enough stars to unlock the new world. So how to collect stars? Stars will be your if Greg’s tough touches them when it’s pulled to get the popcorn. You just need to collect only popcorn to finish a level without collect any stars. However, if you want to unlock the new world and keep solving the puzzles, you should try your best to get as many stars as possible.

Without stars, you can’t enter the new worlds. To collect stars, you have to pull the tongue and fix it with the objects around, so you can take it where you want. On https://friv.land/, you should make use of those items. Pull the tongue around the pins and you find it much easier to collect stars.

While trying hard to reach your goal, make sure you avoid some dangers that make Greg’s tongue get damaged such as zappers, spikes, and so on. If his tongue touches these obstacles, you have to restart that level. Help Greg get his favorite treat and enjoy the process. After that, check out the following options: Dr Octopus Darkling and.

How to play: Use your mouse to pull the tongue.

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