Mowing Simulator GamePlay:

Grass cutting is not everyone’s favorite job, isn’t it? But Mowing Simulator will turn it into an enjoyable mission. In this Friv.land simulator game, you play as a farmer and your everyday job is to make your field tidy up by cutting grass and feeding your farm animals with grass. You have a simple mower and you can only cut a certain number of kilograms of grass at first. Be hard-working to earn more money from cutting and selling grass, then you can upgrade the saw, capacity, and speed of the mower.

Everything from the gameplay to the controls is simple and easy. You just need to move around to cut the grass and when the bar on the left side of the screen is full, you go to the rabbit and feed it. This rabbit is your very first farm animal and later, you can hatch eggs and get other animals such as dogs, pigs, and so on. When you are cutting grass and your mover crashes into a gift box, you will get a temporary tracked mover. Then, you can hop on your powerful tractor and make the grass-cutting job become easier.

You will feel as if you are truly behind the wheel of that tractor cutting grass in your field or garden. You can find a lot of simulator games at Adventure games and each option surely brings you a different experience. Every single one is worth your time, even though it’s super easy to play. If you want to make a list of worth-played games, here are our suggestions for you Angry Heroes Birds and Super Pikachu. Don’t forget that new additions are coming. Stay tuned to welcome them and you should expect that something truly amazing is waiting for you to discover.

Instructions: Mouse.

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