Knight Amaze GamePlay:

Knight Amaze sounds like an action-packed game but it’s actually a fun and challenging puzzle game. It also has something related to action and you’re sure to love it. At Friv Land, you have to choose the path to approach each enemy. The battlefield is small and it’s divided into several small squares. There may or may not be a barrier around the battlefield. Your knight will move forward as you send him to. However, he just stops when there is an enemy or obstacles in front of him or something that makes him stop.

It means if there is nothing to stop him, he will fall out of the battlefield and you have to play that level once again to unlock the next one. The first move is important. If you make the first move perfectly, you can kill the first enemy easily and keep defeating the next enemies successfully. On https://friv.land/, a wrong move makes you fail that level. You should observe the whole battlefield before taking any action.

After a few levels, you deal with a boss. Bosses are stronger than monsters. You have to collect swords on the battlefield to increase the damage and kill the boss with only one hit. As you level up, the monsters are more difficult to handle. Besides, your character can only move in a straight line. Use whatever you learn to guard your land and defeat these annoying monsters. You don’t know what awaits you ahead. So make sure you’re always ready to deal with challenges. Have fun!

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Swipe to move.

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