Bob and Chainsaw GamePlay:

Besides entertainment purposes, several games are created to help players improve memory and brain training. Meanwhile, there are several games designed to develop hand-eye coordination and Bob and Chainsaw is one of them. This is the latest game at Friv Land that challenges your hand-eye coordination. Here, you play as a lumberjack. Your daily job is to chop trees into small chunks. This is a risky job because you will be in an accident at any time if you are not careful.

You have to avoid the tree branches to save your life. That’s it. You got it, right? So in this game, you control a bob – a hard-working lumberjack. You put him to word and protect him from all the tree branches by moving to the left and right accordingly. There is no endlessly tall tree in real life but here, you will see it.

On https://friv.land/, with each cut chunk, you get one point. Getting the highest score is your ultimate objective. This game isn’t hard but if you aren’t patient and careful enough, you can’t reach your goal. The common mistake that many players make in this type of game is to keep cutting without paying any attention. If you tap or click continuously, you’re easy to be hit by the branches. This playstyle brings you an exciting experience but it also puts you at high risk.

Play slowly to get a high score and earn more money to unlock 3 different characters. The difficulty level of the game increases significantly over time. Have fun and if you want to enjoy more enjoyable experiences like this game, let’s check out Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter and Claw Crane.

How to play:

Use your mouse to avoid the tree branches.

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