Krunt .io GamePlay:

Krunt .io is an impressive multiplayer Battle Royale game in which you loot other players, build a strong base, farm materials, kill your enemies and avoid the storm. Will you be able to become the last warrior standing? The first thing you have to do when the game starts at friv play is to go around and loot by opening the chests that you found on the map.

Make sure to use Potions and Mini-potions to complete your shield if you have them. Farming materials are essential that you should care about if you want to win. To defend yourself from other players, you have to build walls and in order to build walls, you need a lot of materials.

Let’s collect wood, stone and other useful stuff around the map. There is only one player to win the battle on http://friv.land/. Is it you or your opponents? Use many weapons including Assault rifle, SMG, Scar, and Shotgun to kill your opponents. Each has its own stats, so try all of them to pick out the gun suits your playstyle the most. Each battle lasts in 1 minute and the map shrinks over time.

Make sure you stay away from the danger zone to keep your life safe, otherwise, you will get damage until you die without being killed by other players. Don’t worry if you fail some times. Try again and improve your skills to use it later. Have fun! Test your limit in other great games such as Drednot .io and Raids .io.

Instructions: WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, space to jump, E to pick items, 1-6 to switch guns, Q to build, M to open the map and R to reload the game.

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